Investor Loan Programs

Why Private Money?

Have you ever found that great property to purchase but have been turned down for one reason or another? Bad credit, property condition, job history or your bank doesn’t even loan on investment property? The list is long and costly. A hard money loan is then your best option to not let that great deal slip through your fingers. At Ormond Mortgage we focus on the upside of your purchase not on the negatives. We have the ability to see value when others do not.

Quickly Secure Investment Properties

Have you ever lost a purchase due to your bank not being able to keep up with your fast closing date? Don’t lose your purchase by dealing with a company that cannot keep up with how fast you move. Our loans can fund as quickly as 24-48 hours from receipt of a clear title commitment search.

Complete More Investment Projects

Why buy just one property when you can buy more than one? We know you have heard the saying “don’t put all your eggs into one basket?” Leverage is a great way to get your hands on multiple good deals and hard money financing is the tool that can allow you to do it. Use borrowed capital from Ormond Mortgage Group to complete more real estate projects than you simply can with your own cash.

Increase Your Profits

The cost of obtaining private financing can vary wildly. Ormond Mortgage Group has some of the lowest costs available to borrow among any lender in the Florida. Compare for yourself and see the savings. By saving more money on your loan costs leads to increasing your overall investment returns. Don’t overpay for your next loan and see what we have to offer.

Loan Programs

Residential Flip Loans

We offer short term 1 and 2 year balloon programs designed to meet your needs for a fix up and resale property. Rehab escrows are also available which allow you draw additional borrowed funds during the course of your rehab after the first mortgage loan has been closed.

Rental Property Loans

We offer 1 to 5 year rental property loans for performing residential rental properties. Our rates our very competitive and are based upon the overall cap rate of the property.

Residential Refinance Cash Out

Lending available for unmortgaged property and new loans in order to pay off existing loans. We can use any property you currently own to convert to available cash for your next project.

Investor Services

Project Consulting

Why work with a lender who has never fixed up a house and flipped it or has never been a landlord? Our team has a tremendous amount of experience in these areas and is here to help guide you thru any questions or concerns you may have. Add us to your team and see the difference for yourself!

Proof of Funds Letters

Once your deal is approved we can provide you with a loan commitment letter to serve as your proof of funds to get your purchase contract approved. Time is of the essence and we are here to make it happen quickly for you.

Property Valuations/Inspections

Having a lender willing to loan on your property can help add another set of eyes to your purchase. We want you to succeed and use our services again in the future. We offer our services and expertise to make your purchase as optimal as possible.